Saturday, April 4, 2009

March Madness!!

We have had a bit of March madness ourselves. It has been a busy and fun month in which I have completely neglected blogging. Two apologies, sorry I haven't posted for such a long time and sorry this post is really long. Get ready for a review of the month of March mostly in pictures. The month started with a visit from my good friend Tanya. I had so much fun while Tanya was here. We went shopping, running, talked and talked and talked and went to Time Out For Women. What a fun weekend!

The following weekend Ben's parents came for a visit. They brought us a kitchen table and helped us put the baseboard up in the basement. We got Krispie Kreme doughnuts for breakfast one day and Ben made everyone wear doughnut hats while we ate.

Our family, Ben's parent's, and Logan rode the light rail downtown and walked around the 16th Street Mall. There was a robot guy on the streets and our boys thought he was a ton of fun to watch. We had a great time with the Mower's visiting!

We had our annual spring party and it was really nice for a few weeks before the snow decided to come back. We had fun making spring sugar cookies.

I frosted these cookies and I thought they looked good both visually and tasty, they were very tasty!

Madeline really liked sneaking on to the table and eating the icing.

One day we couldn't find David as I searched further I finally found him asleep in Madeline's crib. He likes to eat her pacifier which is why he decided to take a nap in Madeline's crib, I thought it was funny!

Jacob and David decided that they had to eat lunch outside on the day we had the blizzard that sent Ben home from work four hours early but his drive took two and a half hours instead of a half hour.

Last on our March Madness was finishing the basement and getting new furniture. This is very exciting for us because it is the first furniture we have bought that wasn't from a garage sale or Target. We put our new couches in the Family Room upstairs and moved the old stuff to the basement.

We bought a matching couch and love seat.

This is our newly competed stairway down to the basement.

This is the media area, we have already had a TON of fun down in this room. It is great for a family movie, Wii time, or relaxing when the kids are in bed. Ben put up surround sound and hooked our computer to the TV so we can video chat with family on the big screen.

The other half of the room will eventually be full with toys, scrapbooking and some bookshelves but will remain empty until we get shelves built in the closets.


Sara said...

It's fun to get an update!! I love all the pictures! And it looks like you have an amazing house!!

Christy said...

all looks very very fun. i'm loving those new couches. i definitely know what you mean about having only used and/or target furniture. i can't wait to be a grown up like you! :)

Jennie-O said...

wow, that sounds like a busy and fun month. Your house looks great!! We are moving, hopefully, and I can't wait to get new furniture!!

Lenice said...

You have been busy. Glad you're making life fun.

Renae said...

Wow, that was a lot and I love it all. You've been very busy and it shows. I love your house. Visitors are awesome as well. My mom came out 3 times last year and I miss her. Great to see your post!

Tanya said...

I finally got around to reading some blogs and your basement looks, GREAT!!! You guys have done such a good job! I can't wait to visit and hang out in the cool basement!