Monday, April 27, 2009

A Visit To The Duck Pond

We have been having lots of fun with friends and being outside lately. Last week Jacob had a friend over and we went to a popular destination in our family, the duck pond. It is a short walk from our house and the kids love to explore in the bushes and trees and feed the ducks at the pond. The boys are going down this hill to their "hide-out"

Madeline wanted to follow the boys but she is still a bit too little.

Jacob and his friend Tobin packed this bag of food before we left, all on their own. They wanted to make sure they had some "healthy food to give them energy" I thought it was funny that they packed it in ice, they told me they wanted to make sure it stayed cold, smart boys.

They like to throw food, sticks, rocks etc. into the water. Also, this is the pond that David fell into about two months ago. It was frozen so he decided to walk on it but got to a thin point. (Before you think I am a neglectful mother, he was behind some trees playing with the other kids when he decided to walk on the ice so I did not see him until we heard the splash or else I wouldn't have let him walk on the ice.)

Tobin and Jacob walking home. Even though we visit the duck pond often, the kids are always excited to go and it is a new adventure to them every time.


Heather said...

That's a cute last pic - looks like he's got a little buddy. I jsut can't get over how big Madeline is! Time goes by so fast!

Christy said...

i love that they packed the healthy food in ice. smart little boys indeed!

Lenice said...

What a fun place to live by. Jacob could teach by kids a few things about healthy eating.