Friday, February 27, 2009

The Life of A Boy...

The days are never boring at our house. Here are a few things my boys have been busy with.

Jacob and David told me they wanted to take a nap in the same room instead of Jacob taking a quiet hour and David taking a nap. Do you think they actually slept? No, and I didn't think they would either but they had some fun time together and gave me a little peace and quiet. They built a "fort" on the floor and "tried" to go to sleep.

We made play dough for our friends for Valentine's day the boys had fun choosing the colors and mixing the dough.

Here they are dressed up as Underdog but you could already tell that right?

Forts are big at our house. Here is a fort that Jacob and his friend Tobin built one afternoon. It was complete with pillows and blankets for sleeping.

The next week that Tobin came over they built this fort. We recently removed the hot tub from this area and took down the privacy fence surrounding the hot tub. The boys put the space and boards to good use.

Everyday there is something new, sometimes destructive and other times funny. Ah the life of a boy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Goodbye Hot Tub, Hello Basement

Yesterday we sold our Hot Tub after having it listed on Craig's List for only one night. I was sad to see it go because we did have some fun times in the hot tub. It has been a fun thing for six months but the novelty is wearing off and we have been using it less and less. When I told Jacob we had sold it he cried because he didn't want it to go. He and his friend Ali had on last hora while it drained.

The guys had to take our fence apart to get the hot tub out. It was sad and exciting to watch.

Here is the empty space that will soon become something else, grass or patio, we are not sure.

So why did we sell the hot tub? So we could have more yard space and so we could use the money to buy new carpet for our almost finished basement. Ben has been doing such a great job in the basement. We started from cement walls two months ago and now the drywall is half way done. We have great plans for a TV mounted to the wall, surround sound, office space and toy room. But all of that will take awhile:) I am very excited to have it finished, it will be a great addition to our house!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Best Buds

David and Madeline are always together. Sometimes Madeline likes being with David and other times he just pesters her. As well as being together, David likes to suck on a soothie(what we call a pacifier) just like Madeline. I can't figure out how to break him of this habit until we just get rid of them from our house. Here is David and Madeline both enjoying their soothies. A little side note; Last week David fell off the trampoline wish was too close to our patio. He landed on his face and that is why he has the black eye and scratches, we do not beat our children.

At breakfast I asked David to scoot over so I could help Madeline eat her cream of wheat. David would not move but said that he would feed her, and he did! It was a bit messy but their independence was funny.

One evening I was letting Madeline play in the sink and of course David had to join, he couldn't be left out of the fun.

I asked David to empty the silverware and he enlisted Madeline's help. It was fascinating to watch them working together. She took the silverware from the basket, handed it to David, then David put it away, what a pair!

I hope they keep this friendship throughout their lives!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Great Jean Shopping Experience!!

I know that sounds like an oxymoron. But it actually happened. Jean shopping is often a frustrating experience because finding jeans that fit right seems nearly impossible, they are always too tight in one spot, too big in a spot or a problem I always have is they are too short. Last week we were at Kohl's and I tried on 6 or 7 pairs of jeans and nothing worked. The only pair that fit ok looked like floods. Two days later I set out to again do some jean shopping. Usually I shop mid-line like Kohl's JC Penneys, Target or Old Navy. This time I decided that I actually wanted to try on some nice jeans so we went to Macy's. I didn't look at any of the price tags as I gathered all of the jeans to try on. To my surprise, almost every pair I tried on wasn't too bad and there were a few pairs that were excellent! I have never been so excited to wear jeans before! SO, I am writing this to tell all of you; if you have a hard time finding jeans that fit just perfect, you probably aren't shopping in the right place, I know I wasn't. I am convinced that more expensive jeans (and not that you have to spend a ton but you do get better quality and fit) are worth it! By the way, I bought two pair one which was on sale for $26.00 but I only paid $15.00 and another that was $70.00 but I only paid $42.00.(I opened a Macy's account which gave me 40% off and then paid off the balance right away with my debit card) That is $57.00 for two excellent fitting jeans. Well worth it. I hope all jean shopping in the future is this successful:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

We bought a Wii!

Last Friday we bought a Wii. It has been a lot of fun to learn the games and compete with each other. Madeline enjoyed the Wii time but prefered to hang out in the toy container instead of watching bowling.

Jacob did a great job and knew how to play right away because he has played games at friend's houses. He thinks the Wii is awesome!

David liked trying to play but still needs a bit of assistance.

When the kids went to bed Ben and I spent a few hours playing all of the sports games that came with the Wii. Here is a shot of Ben boxing, Ben and I both had sore arms the next day from playing so much. I think we will have many hours of family Wii fun to come!