Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tanner Benjamin Mower

On Tuesday, August 17 2010, Tanner Benjamin Mower was born. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning and my blood pressure had been a bit high for the last week. Since I was so close to my due date the doctor told me to go to the hospital right then to get induced. It was a crazy hour trying to arrange child care for three other kids. I had people set up to help, but a lot were too far away or didn't answer their phone.

It was 2:00 when I was all hooked up to the IV and the pitocin started. Around 3:00 I got an epidural making everything wonderful and he was born at 5:40 after pushing through one contraction. It was an easy labor and delivery and I am feeling really good now. Here are some pictures of baby Tanner.

Tanner weighed 7 lbs. and was 19.5 inches tall.

Jacob, David and Madeline are very excited to have a new baby in our family!

All ready to go home!

Ben took a week off of work and it was so nice and fun to have him around. Today he went back to work, bummer. Tanner is a mellow baby and sleeps a lot. I hope he continues to be an easy baby because the rest of life(the other 3 kids) is a bit chaotic!