Friday, February 27, 2009

The Life of A Boy...

The days are never boring at our house. Here are a few things my boys have been busy with.

Jacob and David told me they wanted to take a nap in the same room instead of Jacob taking a quiet hour and David taking a nap. Do you think they actually slept? No, and I didn't think they would either but they had some fun time together and gave me a little peace and quiet. They built a "fort" on the floor and "tried" to go to sleep.

We made play dough for our friends for Valentine's day the boys had fun choosing the colors and mixing the dough.

Here they are dressed up as Underdog but you could already tell that right?

Forts are big at our house. Here is a fort that Jacob and his friend Tobin built one afternoon. It was complete with pillows and blankets for sleeping.

The next week that Tobin came over they built this fort. We recently removed the hot tub from this area and took down the privacy fence surrounding the hot tub. The boys put the space and boards to good use.

Everyday there is something new, sometimes destructive and other times funny. Ah the life of a boy!


The Sommerfeldt Family said...

For as much trouble David can get in he sure is a good brother! These pics are so cute and funny!

Christy said...

i can't get over how much your boys look like your little brothers, especially john!! looks like things are very busy (and fun) at your house!

Lenice said...

Never a dull moment!!

Stapletons said...

I ran into your blog, and loved to see pics of your kids! Your little girl is so big! Looks like fun. We're following in your footsteps so far with another boy on the way. Love, KT

Emilee said...

Oh, I love forts. My brothers and I made millions of forts. They are the best kid activity ever. And your boys look expecially creative with their structures.