Friday, November 21, 2008

Calcium Deprived?

Yesterday I bought a box of gogurt which I usually don't do so it was a bit of a treat. Unlike the box pictured, I bought the family size so there were 16 tubes instead of 8. I have seen two boys eating some and have told them no more or they will all be gone. I was surprised to look in the box this morning and see only one left, someone has been sneaking! This doesn't surprise me but 15 in one day! I thought this kind of eating didn't start until they were teenagers:)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy Weather

This is a little old but I thought it was still worth posting. Last week we woke up to snow! Today is was in the high 60's! It is crazy how varied the weather is right now, you never know what tomorrow might bring. Of course the boys had to go outside and play right away.

Jacob wanted some carrots, I think he was going to try and build a snowman but the snow wasn't right for that. He ended up making what he called, Santa's village. Each of the carrots are a house in Santa's village.

Madeline wanted to join the boys outside but got to hang out at the door for a bit instead.

After they were done playing we sat by the fire, (which is so fun to have) I think we will have a great winter!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Jacob is 5 years old today. I can not believe how fast the last five years have gone. Jacob is a great boy who is usually obedient, thoughtful, and imaginative. Here are a few pictures of him over the years.
Jacob at 18 months old

Jacob at 2 years old

Jacob at 3 years old

Jacob at 4 years old

Jacob at 5 years old

We had Jacob's birthday party on Saturday. Last year he went to a Star Wars birthday party in Michigan and ever since then has loved Star Wars. He had to have a Star Wars party this year so I pretty much copied the party he went to last year, thanks Amy:) I made this cake of a fighting scene from Star Wars. I couldn't quite capture the volcano on camera very well, we had dry ice so it would smoke.

After the young Jedi's had been trained the door bell rang and Darth Vader was there to fight the Jedi's. Some of the kids didn't realize Ben was just dressed up, they kept talking about how cool it was that Darth Vader really came.

Here are some of the Jedi's receiving some training.

We ate cake and ice cream outside, I had the cake on a little kids table that was the perfect height for Madeline. She liked to eat all the crumbs and little pieces.

We had a great party and love Jacob!
Also, Jacob shares his birthday with my mom, Happy birthday mom!