Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Little kids are great at enjoying the simple pleasures in life, this evening Madeline had a great time eating an Oreo cookie. This mess was created from only one cookie, I wish I could be as satisfied after eating only one cookie!

Friday, August 8, 2008

House Hunting Trip

This week Ben and I went on a trip to find a house in the Denver area. This is no easy task as there are a ton of little cities and suburbs around Denver. Luckily we had some help in locating a good place to live and I am excited about our new community. My mom was so kind and watched Jacob and David so we could go with just Madeline. On Tuesday and Wednesday we looked at about 30 houses. We both liked the same house and made on offer on Wednesday but learned that there was another offer put in for the same house on the same day. I was nervous that we would not get the house. While we were driving back to Utah we got a call from our Realtor (Jason) and he told us that the owner had chosen to go with the other offer without a counter offer to us. I was really disappointed even though I knew this was probably going to happen. He said he would call us the next day (today) to give us an update on some other offers. This morning we got a call from Jason and he told us that we had a second chance on the house because the other people did not respond to their counter offer in the allotted time. So, we were contacted and what ended up happening is that we got the house for $2,000.00 more then we had originally offered. I am really excited! We signed the contracts today and the seller has also signed so it is a done deal unless something else comes up (I hope not). I am really excited about our new house! It is four bedrooms and was built in 1985. It needs a bit of updating on the inside mostly just paint and light fixtures.