Thursday, February 28, 2008

Make-up Advice?

Here is my dilemma. I have pretty much been wearing the same make-up shades and styles for the past 8-10 years and I want to update my look, I went to the store to purchase some lipstick and I was lost on what shade would actually look good on my lips. Everything I looked at seemed too dark, too light, too pink, too purple, just not the right color. It would probably help to know what I was looking for and that is the problem, I don't know what colors to choose. Eye shadow is the same story I don't really know what colors look best. I have heard about using different shades on the eyelid, crease, outer eye etc, but I am not really sure how to do it. Plus, I don't want to spend more then five minutes at the beginning of the day putting on make-up. So my question to you is; where do I find the info I need? Do Mary Kay representatives know colors or do they just sell the product? If I went to a department store make-up counter could they help me find the right stuff or do they just sell the make-up? Are there any good websites with tips? Or do you have any advice? Hopefully I can figure this out and find the right colors!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rough Love

David loves Madeline so much and loves to give her hugs. When he sees her first thing in the morning he wants to give her a hug. I am glad that he loves her so much but sometimes his expressions of love can get a little rough and that is when I hear the cry from Madeline. David doesn't really know the difference between a soft hug and a full body slam. These photos are just a few of the hugs I got pictures of but he "hugs" her a few times each day. She is going to be a tough girl! Maybe he is already fulfilling his role as big brother and looking out for her by teaching her to be tough.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I Love Weekends!!

We had a great weekend! It started with a great date on Friday night. We went to Carino's for dinner then bought some candles at the Yankee Candle store and a trip to Costco and topped the night off with watching the movie Nanny Diaries when we got home. Saturday started with some exercise (the first time I have been running since the birth of Madeline) and house cleaning/organizing both activities were great to get done. Then after lunch we headed to the zoo. Jacob and David liked seeing the animals, it was especially fun to watch David's excitement because this was the first time he has been to a zoo that he can remember.

Here is a picture of the Mower crew ready to go!

Ben and the kids with the penguins behind. Yes, Madeline is under the blanket.

There were ice sculptures at the zoo, I thought this sculpture of bees was quite impresive.

We finished the day by attending a gymnastics meet. The meet was fun but we had a few clothing/diaper mishaps. It turns out that our excursion made Ben and I forget a little about David's diaper. He wet through and his pants were soaking wet, woops. Madeline also decided to dirty her clothes but it wasn't just pee:) She had a bigger surprise for us and we had just changed her diaper! We used what we had to clothe the two kids. A blanket for Madeline and a free pink T-shirt for David. We probably were quite a sight but I forgot to take a picture. The night ended perfectly with all three kids asleep take out from our favorite Big Ten Burrito and a little T.V. What a great day, I wish every day were Saturday!.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese!

Last Saturday we took a little family excursion to Chuck E. Cheese's. The boys love it and we have discovered it provides some good family fun for a few hours. The best part is that online they have coupons where you can get 70 tokens for $10.00, so occasionally we go and spend the $10.00 and play for a few hours. Their food isn't the best so we just skip that part and play. Ben loves skee ball and pin ball, the boys love everything especially the virtual roller coaster, and I enjoy skee ball and mostly spending time together having fun! This picture is a sketch taken there, aren't my three kids cute! So if you are ever bored and need some family fun time, go to Chuck E. Cheese's!

Monday, February 11, 2008

To Quilt or not to Quilt?

So I just finished two quilts that I have been working on for awhile and I am not sure what I think about quilting. I love finishing the project and having completed something big, however, while I am working on it I don't love it. My theory is that I am not good at being patient and exact both of which I think are skills needed in quilting. It is hard to get seams lined up just right and sew forever without feeling like you are getting anywhere. The problem is now that I am done I have a small desire to start another quilt but I am not sure if that is a good idea.

This is a Michigan quilt that nine people in my ward made together. Each person made nine of one type of square and then we swapped. Each square represents a memory of our time in Michigan. It will be fun to have and remember the people that contributed to the quilt. Thanks to my mom for helping me finish the binding (Ok she pretty much did the binding, aren't moms great!)

What is your opinion about quilting?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Fun!

It has been snowing a lot lately in Michigan and Ben loves to build snow forts! This first one he packed snow around a picnic table and hollowed out the inside. Jacob and David loved playing inside the fort.

This fort was built with bucket blocks to surround our patio. There are stairs inside so that intruders can be hit with snow balls. The faces you see are Ben, Jacob and David peeping out of the window. Notice the flag fashionably made out of felt with an M to stand for Mower. We want people to know who's castle it is!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Madeline Pictures

I thought you would like to see some pictures of Madeline taken over the last three weeks. It has been an adjustment to have three kids and to get used to less sleep at night. Jacob and David love holding Madeline and we are glad she is here!