Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where is Winter?

Not to make anyone jealous in other parts of the country but we have had the nicest weather here in Denver! Yesterday and today we had a picnic at the park and played for a few hours. It is hard to believe it is January when you are playing at the park in short sleeves. But I am not complaining! I am sure winter will show it's face again soon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Boy's Room

For Christmas, Ben's mom made Jacob and David some quilts for their new room. They look great in the boy's room! Here are a few pictures of the room.

She had some extra fabric that I used to make curtains, pillow cases and a throw pillow. I really like the way it all turned out. Thanks Millie!

The week after Christmas my family came to visit and my sister in law Laurel brought hew new vinyl machine. She cut this saying that I think is really cute! "There's no buddy like a brother" It fits well in the boys room. I still need to buy a new lamp shade for the room and then it is completely done, yeah!