Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A little info about me!

Last night I was talking with some friends about blogging and how I have not felt very creative or inspired in my blogging lately. Sometimes all I can think to write about is my children and being a mother. So here is a little bit more just about me. Hope you enjoy it!

5 years ago... I was living in Pocatello, Idaho attending Idaho State University getting my degree in Secondary Education; Social Sciences. I was also working at Beverly's Bloomers Flower shop. I was two months pregnant with my first child, Jacob. It was an exciting time of life!

5 months ago... I was eight months pregnant and excited about being finished with pregnancy. I was also preparing to have our first Christmas away from family. Both Christmas and baby turned out to be great!

5 hours ago... I was working on getting three kids dressed for the day and fed breakfast, then I got myself dressed and fed. I also was starting a load of laundry and tidying up the house because my parents are coming into town today, yeah!! Ben's parents come tomorrow!

5 minutes ago.. I was putting David down for a nap, and getting Madeline entertained with some toys so I could write this blog. I also hung up three shirts from the laundry.

5 things on my to do list today...
1. Laundry
2. Help a friend bake bread
3. Tidy house and get ready for my parents to come
4. Have an old friend come visit me
5. Relax tonight with family!

5 recent pieces of mail I have recieved...
1. Student loan info
2. Student loan info
3. Student loan info
4. junk mail
5. the Ensign
Can you tell Ben is about to graduate? Someone wants their money back!

5 things I would do if I became a billionaire...
1. Pay of loans
2. Buy a nice house
3. Decorate my nice house
4. By lots of clothes!
5. Travel with my family

5 of my bad habits...
1. Staying up late
2. Sleeping in because I stayed up too late
3. Lately, not making dinner very often
4. Worrying too much about hurting people's feelings
5. Eating ice cream and junk food everyday

5 places I have lived...
1. State College, Pennsylvania
2. Mapleton, Utah
3. Pocatello, Idaho
4. Toledo, Ohio
5. Ann Arbor, Michigan

5 jobs I have had...
1. Piano teacher
2. Dry cleaning clerk
3. BYU continuing education registrar
4. Flower shop deliverer
5. Florist

5 things in my virtual shopping bag...
1. Spring and summer clothes
2. A mini-van
3. A house
4. A khaki jacket
5. ?

5 books I love to death...
(I am going to change this one to 5 books I have recently read because although I do like reading I am not sure I would classify myself as someone who LOVES books)
1. It's All Too Much
2. The Mormon Way Of Doing Business
3. Twilight
4. New Moon
5. Parenting With Love And Logic

5 things that are out of place around my home...
We are getting ready to move so consequently our house is in a bit of disarray.
2. Boxes
3. Suitcases
4. Paper goods
5. Laundry

5 thing I love to eat...
1. Ice Cream
2. Chocolate
3. Life Cereal
4. No Bake cookies
5. I guess I also like steamed carrots along with my junk food

5 scents I love...
1. Just bathed children
2. Bread baking
3. Fresh cut grass
4. The way it smells after rain
5. Ben's cologne Eternity.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Three DesctructiveTwo Year Olds!!

Last week two of David's friends were over to play for the morning, I gave them some fruit by the foot to eat and then went upstairs to put away some laundry. While putting the laundry away I heard water spilling and the kids laughing, I thought that was odd because I did not give them anything to drink. When I went downstairs to see what was going on this is what I found.

The kids picked each petal off of the vase of flowers I had on the table and then poured the water all over. I put them all on the couch while I cleaned up the mess.

Now that I am writing about this experience I think it is kind of funny, but it wasn't that funny when I came down the stairs and saw my flowers ruined, oh well, I am glad they had a good time but am also glad their faces show that they know they are in trouble!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Recent Pastimes

I realize my blog has been a bit lacking in the visual department lately. I haven't been giving my blog very much attention mostly because my spare time has been spent preparing to move. We have parents coming to stay with us in a little less than two weeks and want our house to be mostly ready to move so we can have a fun time when they are here instead of packing. Last week we painted over our striped wall which was a sad thing for me because I really liked the stripes and it made our apartment feel like home. All of the pictures are now off the wall and we took the curtains down today. It well be sad to leave all of our friends in Ann Arbor but as we take apart our house I am getting excited to move on to the next phase of life.

The different wall color is such a stark difference our house just isn't as cozy anymore. We are hoping all of our stuff fits on a 8x8x16 Pods container, it will be tight and I hope we don't have to leave anything behind.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Activities

This afternoon my friend called and asked me what we did with our kids on Sundays. It was funny that she asked because lately I have been wondering the same thing, I would like the day to be different for them but there is so much time at home that they get bored easily. I have heard of the idea of having a Sunday box with activities inside that can only be done on Sunday but I don't know what I would put in the box. Coloring, reading books and the Friend, and watching a church movie get a little boring week after week for them. I am looking for some more fresh ideas, so my question is what do you do with your kids on Sunday? Or if your kids are too young right now what ideas do you have for when they are older?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I don't go shopping very often because it never is that enjoyable with three kids following along, I should say hopefully following. This morning a wonderful and strange thing happened, I was at the mall before the stores opened with only a baby. It was so nice to not have two little boys with me! Jacob had Joy school and David was at his friend Christian's house. I decided to go do a little shopping and use some gift cards while I had a few hours with just Madeline and I. It was wonderful and I wish I had had more time. I bought myself some body spray from Bath and Body Works and a shirt for Madeline from Gymboree. I could not believe how expensive the clothes at Gymboree were, there were so many CUTE clothes and I ended up choosing a darling shirt, but wanted more. It would be great to have unlimited money and buy a lot of cute clothes for my kids, maybe someday when I don't have kids at home anymore I will be able to afford the clothes, now I understand why my grandma has closets and closets of unworn clothes, she can afford it!:)

Actually last week I read a great book called "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh. He is the guy from TLC's show Clean Sweep. The book was an organizational book about getting rid of clutter in our lives and homes and how we will be able to live a more fulfilled life if we don't have so much stuff that really just sits there and is junk. The book motivated me and I have been getting rid of a lot of stuff around our house. It is great preparation for our move! So if any of you would like to get rid of your stuff or feel you have too much unneeded junk you should read the book. Or you might read the book and then feel like you have to much stuff. Either way, it is a good read!