Friday, November 6, 2009

October Recap

We have had a busy October! Here are a few of the things we have been doing. The kids took all of the leaves from the front yard in buckets to the trampoline in back. They were entertained for hours!

We made sugar cookies and David turned the mixer on full speed, which sent a flour shower all over the kitchen, what a mess!

We went to Elitch Gardens, an amusement park in Denver. We had a fun time with shorter lines because of less people.

School was canceled on the day of the school Halloween parade and class parties. My neighbor and I threw a spontaneous party for the kids in the neighborhood. We ate snacks, had Halloween music playing, had a costume parade and told spooky stories. It was not quite as cool as a class party but we did the best we could.

Our kids loved Trick or Treating! They were pretty hard core and went to a lot of houses, which resulted in too much candy but a nice stash of chocolate for Ben and I to keep hidden and snack on when the kids go to bed.

I have been trying to spend more time playing with my kids. Jacob wanted to practice taking pictures so he took this last week while we were spending time together.


Heather said...

Dude woman, you're hard core...P90x and running?? Man! send some of your motivation my way! You look great - keep it up. The kids look adorable. I wish David was around to be Christian's little buddy!

Christy said...

i remember going to eliches when we lived there. so funny! and i think you guys rock for throwing the kids a party. great costumes!

The Sommerfeldt Family said...

I love the costumes! You should write a book with fun activities to do with kids, you're so good at it!

Lenice said...

"Super Mom". You are amazing Michelle!

Camille said...

What cute Halloween costumes! You look so pretty Michelle, I love your hair.