Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Neighborhood Geyser

Last week, I looked out our front window and noticed a lot of water running down the gutter. It was strange so I stepped outside to see where it was coming from. Four houses up the street and across the street, the road had buckled up and was spouting water about 1 foot in the air. The kids and I walked up to look at the little spring from the road. We walked back to our yard and immediately the road burst and a geyser of water began spraying in the air. We had our own Old Faithful. It was quite the scene, people came out from all over to see what was happening. The city was really slow in getting a water employee over and the geyser shot in the air for a full hour. When they finally shut the water off we lost our water for the evening but they had the whole thing fixed in about five hours.

The water was shooting up and over this house and their house flooded. They had some rocks along the side of their house and all of the rocks were washed to the back yard by the force of the water. I felt bad for them but I was also really glad it wasn't our house.

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Heather said...

Wow, what a nightmare! We're enjoying Pokey and loving our new home. We have a great view of American Falls - you need to visit when you're in town!