Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Time!

For the past couple of years I have wanted to make picture ornaments of our family from past Christmas's.  I finally did it this year.  I made 8 ornaments for the past 8 years and also made 10 more so that as the years go by I can just add the picture and not have to re-make ornaments every year.  Here are two done and hanging on the tree.


I copied the idea from here.  I LOVE this blog and read it all the time.  She has great ideas and opinions.  I followed the tutorial except I used foam board instead of wood.  For $6 I was able to cut out 18 ornaments.

Just for fun, here are some cute photos of Santa baby and his siblings


Mike and Tanya said...

Gosh! He is adorable! Oh I miss your family sooo much. We really have to get together as families again sometime! I love your ornament idea and the price is awesome to boot!

Christy said...

the ornaments are so cute! i love the idea. but i think your santa baby just might be cuter. :)