Friday, March 5, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday at the store I splurged on a few things that really make me happy, I would like to share them with you.

1. Flowers- I love to have fresh flowers in my house and tulips happen to be one of my favorites. Ben is pretty good about bringing flowers home occasionally and sometimes I just buy them because the kitchen looks so much happier with flowers on the table.

2. Ice Cream- Yes I love ice cream but this is seriously the best kind I have had in a long time!! I didn't even know how good it was until I bought it yesterday. The actual cookies are ok, I like them but I don't have to have them. The ice cream is a different story, delicious! You should definitely try it especially if you like ice cream, peanut butter, and chocolate.

3. Aquafina flavored water- I love this flavored water! I hardly buy it because who wants to spend money on water? This kind is worth paying for once in awhile especially when it is on sale! A yummy treat for 0 calories!


Lora said...

Now those are my kind of splurges. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh flowers. I agree about table looking happy =) I am going to have to try that flavored water, I love propel water but it's fairly strong and does have calories!

Christy said...

such pretty flowers. that's it, i'm buying some. today. doing it. and buying that ice cream. i feel the same way about peanut butter, chocolate and ice cream, so i'm sure i'll love it. and i too LOVe the flavored water.

quilter said...

Michelle, You can have ice cream without cake. Oh wait! Its you cant have cake without ice cream. I get mixed up on these things.

Lenice said...

I love little splurges like that that make your life a little happier!

amydear said...

I splurge on those things too! Not ice cream so much anymore, but sometimes. I might just have to try that tagalog flavor. I love the samoa one.