Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had the Mowers, Ben's parents and two brothers, come to our house for Christmas this year. It was fun to have family around for Christmas and still be in our own home. On Christmas Eve we had a nice dinner, played the candy bar/dice game, had a nativity puppet show narrated by Luke 2, read the story of The Other Wise Man, and ended by singing Christmas songs. It was a fun Christmas Eve!

We were able to sleep in until 8:00 on Christmas morning because our kids were tired and do not yet know to wake up really early on Christmas. It was nice and refreshing to get extra sleep.

Jacob and David are discovering all of the fun things in their stockings.

Ben's dad was dressed and ready to go. Here he is opening a Subway gift card, his favorite place to eat.

Madeline got a lot of dolls and baby supplies. She loves playing with her babies!

Our family before we started opening presents on Christmas morning.

My brother and sis-in-law came to our house for New Years Eve and day. We had a good time with them! We were a little lame on New Years Eve and ended up going to bed around 10:45. However, we had already celebrated the New Year at 9:00 because we set our clocks ahead for the kids. They really wanted to stay up until midnight so we tricked them.

Happy New Year to everyone!


Lora said...

ha ha that's brilliant I remember feeling so disappointed when I was little always falling asleep!

happy new years!

Christy said...

we played the candybar/dice game on christmas eve too! such a good one. i love that you tricked your kids into thinking it was midnight. ha ha. awesome.

Jared & Tracee said...

Cute pictures! R is the same way as M. She LOVES all the baby stuff too!

Camille said...

What a fun Christmas! It looks like Santa dropped quite a load :) Your tree is beautiful