Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Fall!

We started five years ago celebrating the fall and spring equinox. Last night we had our annual fall party. It is always a family party even though the kids have had many friends who have wanted to attend. Each time we have a fall or spring party our kids get really excited. Last night we started with a poem about leaves and then assembled a pumpkin puzzle. Then we enjoyed a no-bake cherry cheesecake while we made "corn" by coloring and attatching popcorn.

Ben and the boys are working on the puzzle while Madeline just enjoys the time together.

Jacob working on his corn.

Yum, Cheesecake!

We ended by looking at scrapbook pages of our past fall activities and Jacob insisted on taking a picture.


Erin said...

that looks like a ton of fun!

Barb: said...

What a fun idea! I might steal it, hehe. Your landscaping looks awesome and great job on the half marathon! Glad your family is doing well!

Stacie said...

What a fun idea!! Where did you get the cute pumpkin puzzle? Carson would love to put something like that together!

You and your family look great!

Christy said...

yay fall! and what a fun tradition. i'm always amazed by your creativity, michelle. and ps, i was at your house on saturday! actually we were at a yard sale across the street and all of the sudden i realized that yes, we were in front of YOUR house. (you know me, directionally impaired and all). your dad, kevin, and bruce were outside moving so i said hi. it totally made me miss you!! love you girl!

jan said...

I think that is so cute. You are such a fun mom.

Jennie-O said...

that is so cute. You are very creative, can I steal your ideas?