Thursday, July 16, 2009

20 minute Skirts

A few weeks ago my friend Amy had this link to a 20 minute skirt on her blog.

I checked out the link and have been wanting to make a skirt. So, yesterday my friend Tammy and I got together to make some quick skirts. We did have a good time and it was pretty easy but not 20 minutes. I guess that is to be expected. It took me 45 minutes but that also includes interruptions from five kids(I watch two of my neighbor's kids three days a week).

This is Tammy modeling her new skirt. She also made one for her daughter and is going to make two more for her other girls. I think the little girl skirts are darling and a bit closer to 20 minutes to make.

It is an elastic waist which makes it easy but also made the skirt very full right at the hips, not a place where bulk needs to be added. So I went back and added darts inside to pull the fabric in. After tweaking it many times it turned out pretty good.

I added the ribbon on the bottom because I think it is cute and the skirt is a little on the short side for me when I just cut the 45' fabric in half.

I had extra fabric so I made a skirt for Madeline. I put her skirt on and five minutes later I thought, "I better get a picture before she gets too dirty." Woops, five minutes was just to long to stay clean. I guess the yogurt look is kind of cute.


amydear said...

You did it! Now I should get my act together and make some too. But I'm not sure I'd know how to put darts in. The ribbon is very cute. Madeleine is soooo big! And your house looks great in all the background shots.

Lora said...

I just have to laugh at your mad talent! You say the hips were too bulky so I just added darts! =) this is where most of the world would just throw them away or go and buy one! Very talented plus they are very CUTE!

Tana said...

Stinkin' cute, Michelle!

Noelle said...

Very cute!

Lenice said...

Too cute!!

Breanne said...

That is sooo adorable. Little Madeline is precious and I can't believe how big she is already. Your skirts are fabulous! Love it!