Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our trip to Lagoon

This past week we took a little day trip to Lagoon with Ben's family. We had lots of fun and the boys loved it!! Jacob was really excited that Caleb was going to be there and that they could play together all day. Here are a few pictures from our day.

David was scared of the rides at first. He went on these cars with his cousin Mia and was acting unsure and scared, she reached over and put one arm around David to comfort him while she "drove" with the other hand. It was really cute!

Even though David was scared of many of the rides as you can see above, he never questioned any of the rides we put him on. He would get scared while riding but not as he was getting on the the ride. Ben took him on a ride called the parasailers (or something like that) he was terrified but still went on other rides afterwards, what a trooper!

Jacob and Caleb thought they were so grown up. After riding the helicopters they ran to me and said, "we are going on Puff now" no they didn't ask or wait for an adult, they just told me really quick and off they went. They had a good time running around all day.

Here is our family after a fun filled and tiring day at Lagoon. Everyone had a good time, even Madeline was well behaved and got to ride the train and the carousel! Thanks to all of the family who helped watch our kids so that Ben and I could enjoy some rides.

Speaking of enjoying rides, I enjoyed some and not so much others. I am not a big fan of the free fall feeling, I like some roller coasters but the ones with huge drops are not at the top of my list. There is a ride at Lagoon called wicked that you can barely see in this photo taken as we were leaving, it starts off with a fast straight up incline and then an immediate drop perpendicular to the ground. Normally not a ride I would be interested in riding. Ben really wanted me to ride it with him and practically dragged me into line, yes I am a wimp. We waited in line and then the line stopped moving and we waited and waited and waited some more. Come to find out a passenger had lost a flip flop and a hat under the roller coaster so they stopped the whole ride to retrieve the lost items, then the coaster wouldn't start for who knows what reason. After standing in line for 45 minutes we decided our time could be better spent elsewhere so we left. A few hours later we went back and the same thing happened again! Only this time we only had to wait about 20 minutes for the hat to be retrieved. Wouldn't you think people would be smarter to not wear hats and flip flops on a roller coaster that goes straight up and then straight down and has an upside down corkscrew? Better yet wouldn't you think employees would know to tell a passenger tough luck or come back at closing rather then stop a ride and make a ton of people wait? It was frustrating but after all of the waiting I did ride Wicked and I didn't really like it all that much, free fall just isn't for me. It was a great day, we were all exhausted when we got home but I think that means the day was a success! Thanks Mowers for the great day!


Elise said...

Lagoon rocks! I'm the same way about free fall rollercoasters! You're a good sport to go. Did you ever hit Cedar point when you were in Ohio? We still haven't made it out there.

Tanya said...

You guys are always so great about going out and having a good time! I'm with you there, Michelle, about the free-fall feeling, no fun! It's good to keep up on things from your blog- we miss you tons!

Breanne said...

I have a hard time on the Ferris Wheel so I definaltely couldn't do Wicked. That looks like a ton of fun. We really need to get together.

Christy B. said...

i almost peed my pants just watching other people go on wicked last time we were at lagoon (just for a company lunch). you are brave and have my respect. looks like a fun day! i don't think i've ridden rides at lagoon since, like, the 9th grade!

Jennie-O said...

looks like you guys had a great time. we get to go on Saturday! :)

Brynn said...

Hi! That looks like so much fun! Your kids are adorable!

Saralyn said...

I haven't been very good at posting comments on your blog lately although I read every post. We had such a great time at Lagoon with your family and Caleb loves being with Jacob. I am glad we were able to live next door to each other when the boys were little so they could become such great friends.

All of you reading this, Michelle was very brave on wicked although she really didn't have a choice about riding it. Ben grabbed the back of her jacket and probably would not have let her leave the line even if she was crying (which she did not do).

Emilee said...

Jacob is so grown up. Crazy! I'm impressed that David would keep going on rides. After we tricked Mimi into a scary ride at Disneyland, she refused to wait in any more lines where she couldn't see what was coming. So, where did we end up most of the time? King Triton's carousel. A bit of a bummer.

Heather said...

Man, that brought back some memories of my summers spent at Lagoon! My friend and I would get a summer pass each year. We spent endless summer nights trying to pick up cute guys - I mean boys!

I'm in a hotel room in a nice little city in Idaho - your old stomping grounds. Joel has a working interview today. I am most impressed with this place - it's grown a ton.

Keep enjoying family!