Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sleepy Kids

This past week I have taken some pretty funny sleeping pictures of the kids. They play so much every day that sometimes they just crash!

Jacob and David are sleeping in a bunk bed now. Jacob is pretty excited about having a bunk bed and David is doing well at staying in bed(we are glad he doesn't know how to open doors yet:) The boys sometimes play together before they go to sleep, this night Jacob forgot to go up to his bed before he fell asleep.

Madeline falls asleep a lot still but I thought it was a funny picture with her is the jumper and her cousin Claire wondering what was going on.

Two nights ago Jacob came in our room because he was having a bad dream where he was in a store and a Cheetah was walking towards him trying to get him. While he was in our bed Madeline woke up to eat, I fed her and then just laid her on the floor because I didn't want to take her back to her room at 7:00 and chance waking David up(all three kids share a room) I came back later that morning and found Madeline's head under the bed, you can barely see it. Luckily I pulled her out before she woke up and banged her head on the bed. Sleep is such a funny part of life because everyone needs it and it takes up so much of our lives, if I get enough sleep life is good if I don't, life is not so good. I hope you are all getting good sleep and that life is good!


Tanya said...

Those are funny pictures! It sounds like things are going great in Utah! That must be crazy having them all in one bedroom- we're glad Katelyn can't open doors either.

Heather said...

We miss having you around man! I bet you guys are having a great time catching up with family and friends right now. The tight quarters are probably all too familiar eh? Enjoy your summer!

Christy B. said...

that picture of madeline asleep in the jumper is so funny! love it.

The Sommerfeldt Family said...

Wow, Madeline has a cute cousin!