Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nutritious Breakfast!

I confess, most mornings the boys get up and go downstairs and watch TV while Ben and I slowly get out of bed. We really enjoy sleeping in and figure we might as well while we still can. Often Jacob will get some food for them either cereal or a banana or juice. I guess David decided their breakfast food wasn't tasty enough because today when I came downstairs David had a box of sweetheart candies from Valentines. He had a big grin on his face and was enjoying them. He had pushed a chair over to the counter and climbed up to the candy cupboard, he knew what he wanted and he found a way to get it, that's a good thing right? I guess maybe not when it comes to candy for breakfast. I let him finish the box and then relocated the candy to a higher and unknown spot. He'll be in for a surprise tomorrow when he goes to find his breakfast!


Christy B. said...

what a smart kid! he looks so much like jacob, it's unreal.

oh, and i've been meaning to email you about this, but sorry i never returned your call. i tried but i guess i still have some weird number in my phone that says the university of michigan or something. so call me again or give me your real number because i really would like to chat!

Heather said...

Christian and David are true soul-mates: Christian was munching on a bag of marshmallows while I was on the treadmill. I didn't even stop him - he was quiet! You're a better mom than I cuz I'm not going to hide the marshmallows!

Elise said...

That's so funny! Bren's the same way, he'll eat cookies, candy, anything sweet he can find first thing in the morning, it totally grosses me out!
Good for you for sleeping in, I would too if I were you! How's Madeline sleeping these days?

Saralyn said...

After I read your post I was thinking "How do I teach my kids this trick of getting their own breakfast?" The first place my kids go in the morning is to my bed where they commence saying "Mommy, nighttime is over" until I finally roll off of the bed.

My kids also eat strange things for breakfast: corndogs, fruity snacks, macaroni and cheese. Caleb asks for these type of things all the time so I have had to limit their non-breakfast-food breakfasts to once a week.

I hardly ever get to see your kids but from the pictures, David seems to be developing his own unique personality. It is so fun to see.

Camille said...

lols about the candy. I love your side bar kid pictures. What a great idea.